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May 29


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I got this article sent to me, so I have cut and pasted it here. It’s pretty interesting.
Infraspinatus Respiratory Reflex (IRR)
Monday, August 22nd, 2005
By John L. Wilson, Jr., M.D.
After noting that virtually 100% of his patients with asthma had exquisite tenderness when he palpated (applied pressure to) their infraspinatus muscle [a muscle which attaches to [...]

May 29

Links, etc.

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I’ve been posting a lot of links on my facebook page, and now realized that some people don’t facebook, and like it that way. I’ll be posting some more links here.
To start, here is a great site that deals with diabetes and self-healing.

May 22

Guardian Network

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If anyone is interested in learning more about this method and maybe taking some classes, you can go to this website: . They provide classes as well as general information about what you can do to take control of your health and well-being.
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May 14

Vocal Profiling

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Here’s a great explanation of the voice analysis process that I use for this method.
Using a uni-directional condenser microphone that is linked to a computer equipped with a calibrated sound card, a short (less than a minute) sample of the voice is captured.  A Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) converts the recorded vocal sounds into numeric [...]

May 9


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